On-Site Service

Badger performs on-site service including inspection, repair, replacement and installation for fabric expansion joints and metal expansion joints

On-Site Service for Fabric Expansion Joints

Badger’s On-Site Service team has extensive experience with refineries, chemical, steam turbine power plants; combined cycle power plants, HRSGs, turbine-driven gas compressor stations, and expansion joint replacements for shell & tube heat exchangers.

Badger’s experienced project managers provide complimentary inspections to help your team implement best practices for expansion joint installation. Developing and implementing the right maintenance plan in advance reduces outage/turnaround budgets, and helps avoid costly forced shutdowns. Additionally, Badger has one of the safest on-site service records with ZERO recorded accidents.

On-Site Inspections

Every job site is somewhat unique in installation and operation.  On-Site inspection by Badger Gas Turbine Expansion Joint experts provides the basis for developing a best practices action plan and job scope for extending fabric expansion joint operational life; repair; refurbishment; replacement and installation.

Badger’s On-Site Inspection Capabilities include:

  • • Consulting & Technical Support
  • • Operational Evaluation & Analysis
  • • Failure Analysis
  • • Thermographic Analysis
  • • Best Practices Recommendations
  • • Inspection Report

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