Fabric Penetration Seals for HRSG Boilers

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Fabric Penetration Seals

In combined-cycle power generation, optimal operating performance depends on capturing all available heat while reducing emissions. Properly maintaining boiler penetration seals help decrease energy loss, increases plant safety, and minimizes the risk of forced outages.

HRSG penetration pipes are subject to high temperatures and large movements, requiring a tight seal at the shell casing. Installing penetration seals is a reliable solution to accommodate the stresses imposed on the piping and maximize the life of the unit.


Fabric penetration seals offer unique advantages when compared to other sealing options:


  • • Optimized for hot and cold modules of HRSG

     - High-temperature designs close to the turbine

     - Low-temperature designs close to the stack

  • • Gas-tight seal for minimal leakage
  • • Can absorb large lateral and axial movements with a shorter overall length

Designed for installation on the top and bottom of the HRSG, fabric penetration seals can operate with temperatures up to 1400°F.

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