HRSG Inlet Expansion Joints

A proven solution to withstand high temperatures and heavy cycling

Fabric Penetration Seals

Located downstream of the gas turbine diffuser, the HRSG inlet expansion joint is typically a cold-to-cold fabric joint; where the upstream and downstream ducts are internally insulated.

Like all Badger expansion joints installed in combined-cycle operation, the HRSG inlet is engineered to withstand high temperatures, UV deterioration, and the potential for heavy cycling. With hundreds of combinations of HRSG and ductwork OEMs, every component of the expansion joint is custom designed for each application.

HRSG Inlet Expansion Joints feature:

  •    • Custom engineered for each site’s unique application
  •    • Designed for high temperatures and heavy cycling 
  •    • Inspection of internal liner plates and retaining stud assemblies will determine a replacement strategy

Turnkey retrofit options are also available, depending on the frame and hardware configuration, condition of the internal liners, and the quality of the internal insulation. Repacking the upstream and downstream insulation helps reduce the casing temperature and extends the life of the composite fabric belt.

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