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With 170 years of engineering & manufacturing expertise, you can depend on Badger time tested high quality products

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Experience counts...Badger Industries has been in continuous operation since 1841, with over 170 years of serving the industry with engineering excellence. Badger began as “coppersmiths,” specializing in patented fireproof window frames and sashes and also hand-held fire extinguishers.

In 1908, Badger expanded product lines to include plumbing and heating as well as sterilized hoppers, hot water boilers, and laboratory equipment for hospitals.

Badger added a metal expansion joint product line in 1916 and began the journey toward becoming a leader in the metal expansion joint industry.

The metal expansion joints designed and manufactured by Badger in 1916 were based on the hand forming of copper sheets to make the convoluted metal bellows. The metal bellows were then fitted with cast metal equalizing rings.  Later, Badger developed hydraulic bellows forming equipment and began the design and hydroforming of convoluted metal bellows expansion joints.  Badger’s reputation for high-quality products and services spread throughout the United States and internationally.

In 1955, Badger became one of the founding companies of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association – EJMA, whose purpose is to establish standards for the safe use of convoluted metal bellows expansion joints.

Badger's Capabilities

Today Badger designs and manufactures round convoluted metal bellows utilizing four metal bellows forming technologies: Hydroforming, Roll Forming, Pneumatic Tube Forming, and Expanding Mandrel Forming.  Rectangular metal expansion joint convolutions are formed with a press brake. 

In the early-1990s, Badger added a fabric expansion joint product line specializing in gas turbine installations.  Badger’s reputation for design excellence of gas turbine fabric expansion joints and turnkey on-site service is recognized industry-wide. 

Throughout the 20th Century and into the 21st, Badger engineered metal bellows expansion joints and fabric expansion joints have been approved by leading engineering and end-user companies.  The results are that Badger fabric and metal expansion joints are installed worldwide in power generation, refining, chemical, pipelines, steel, smelting, pulp & paper, and other industries.


Our Commitment

Badger is dedicated to customer satisfaction through continuous improvement, and sound communication internally and externally, which results in the design, manufacture, and on-time delivery of high-quality products that meet or exceed our customer's expectations.

Badger’s most important assets are our customers and employees.  All employees are very aware of the importance of providing customers with the highest quality of products and service. Our outstanding reputation with our customers attests to the dedicated effort and superior results of all of our employees.

Badger provides our employees with a safe work environment and is committed to supporting our community with positive environmental stewardship.