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The amount and direction of the piping movement determine the number of corrugations in the element and the design of control hardware.  Types of joint movement include:

Axial Movement

This is the dimensional lengthening or shortening of an expansion joint bellows along its longitudinal axis. The ends of the bellows remain parallel and in line with one another. Axial movement is specified as extension (elongation) and/or compression (contraction).

Lateral Movement

This is the relative misalignment of the two ends of an expansion joint perpendicular to its longitudinal axis. The ends of the bellows remain parallel, but not in-line. Lateral movement may also be described as lateral offset, parallel misalignment, or transverse movement.

Angular Movement

This is the curving or bending of the longitudinal axis of an expansion joint bellows into an arc. The ends of the bellows remain neither parallel nor in-line. Angular movement may be described as angular rotation or rotational movement, and is not to be confused with torsion.

*** In each type described here, the term "movement" may be described by any one of a number of synonyms, including displacement, deflection, or traverse. ***

Code & Association


We offer a full range of expansion joints that will meet ASME code Section VIII, Division I, Appendix 26 (for shell and tube type heat exchangers).

We are certified with an “R” stamp for authorization to repair unfired pressure vessels and a “U” stamp to register new equipment.  In addition, we can weld and certify expansion joints to ASME piping codes B31.1 and B31.3.

Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association


Badger Industries is a founding member of EJMA and supports it through active participation in the technical and management committees. This allows us to know exactly when EJMA standards are modified, allowing our engineers to immediately begin all of their designs with those most current standards in place.