Engineering & Design Services

Let Badger engineers assist you with your design and application needs

Badger’s focus is on the design of fabric and metal expansion joints for industrial piping and ducting systems.  Our extensive expertise in the design development, forming, and testing of convoluted metal bellows, the key component of metal expansion joints, brings decades of advanced technology to the industry. Similarly, Badger has also made significant developments in fabric expansion joint technology.

Badger’s engineers employ a combination of proprietary bellows design software, CAD/3D modeling, and finite element analysis (FEA) to design metal expansion joints and hardware. These tools enable an analysis of bellows and hardware mechanical stress, pressure stress, movements, spring rate, cycle life, heat transfer, and process flow to validate the design integrity of metal expansion joints. Some of the same design tools are employed to validate the design integrity of Badger fabric expansion joints. Designs comply with the following codes and specifications when specified.

End Use Expansion Joint Application Experience  

Since 1916, when Badger designed and manufactured our first expansion joints, Badger has worked closely with engineers & constructors, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), and directly with end users to provide expansion joints designed to specific end use process demands.  As a result, Badger has extensive experience with a wide variety of complex and demanding applications.

Power Generation


Metal Expansion Joints

            ·       Gas Turbine Exhaust Expansion Joints

·       Steam Turbine Cross Over Expansion Joints

·       Steam Extraction Expansion Joints

·       Condenser Expansion Joints

·       Steam Piping Expansion Joints

·       Heat Recovery Steam Generator (HRSG) Expansion Joints

·       HRSG Pipe Penetration Seal Expansion Joints

·       Silencer Expansion Joints



Fabric Expansion Joints

·       Gas Turbine Exhaust Expansion Joints

·       Air Inlet Expansion Joints

·       HRSG Inlet Expansion Joints

·       HRSG Pipe Penetration Seal Expansion Joints

·       Stack Inlet Expansion Joints

·       Precipitator Expansion Joints

·       Flue Gas Desulfurization (FGD) Expansion Joints

Oil Refining & Gas Compressor Stations


Metal Expansion Joints

·       Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit (FCCU) Joints

·       FCC Regenerator Expansion Joints

·       FCC Inlet Expansion Joints

·       FCC Spent Catalyst Expansion Joints

·       FCC Turbo Expander Pressure Balanced Expansion Joints

·       Acid Plant Expansion Joints

·       Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) Expansion Joints

·       Steam Piping Expansion Joints

·       Tank Farm Expansion Joints

·       Flare Gas Expansion Joints

·       Two-ply Testable Bellows Expansion Joints



Fabric Expansion Joints

·       Exhaust Expansion Joints

·       Heat Recovery Steam Generator – HRSG Expansion Joints

·       Boiler Penetration Seal Expansion Joints

Chemical & Petrochemical

Metal Expansion Joints

·       Styrene Process System Expansion Joints

·       Lexan Process System Metal Expansion Joints

·       Fertilizer / Acid Plant Expansion Joints