Fabric Expansion Joints

Badger offers a full range of fabric expansion joints and services

Fabric Expansion Joint

Badger, a leader in the design and manufacture of metal bellows expansion joints for more than 100 years, introduced its’ fabric expansion joint product line in 1992.  Badger has extensive experience designing and manufacturing fabric expansion joints for gas turbine applications and applications with less demanding operational environments.

Fabric expansion joints provide significant flexibility when installed in large ducting and piping systems. They can accommodate thermal expansion, vibration, and in some cases, misalignment. Fabric joints are manufactured from a variety of special woven fabrics coated or laminated that are used to insulate and protect against abrasion. They offer almost unlimited flexibility and can absorb movements simultaneously in several directions. Further, they have almost no reactive forces and require little space. Fabric expansion joints are easy to customize to meet existing operating conditions and are easy to transport and install.

Utilizing the highest quality materials combined with careful attention to system requirements ensures that Badger's fabric products offer excellent operational performance and reliability. Badger is an acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of fabric expansion joints with a reputation for excellence in quality and performance.