GE 7F Gas Turbine Flex Seal Upgrade

Badger has the experience to drive innovations in Flex Seal solutions

GE 7F Gas Turbine Flex Seal Upgrade

flex seal upgradeFlex Seals are located at the aft end of the exhaust manifold and is the seal between the exhaust tunnel and the transition duct on a 7FA turbine. Badger offers brand new advanced materials, innovative insulation solutions, and the most experienced team in the industry. Badger’s 7FA Flex Seal Upgrade options incorporate decades of gas turbine exhaust fabric expansion joint design development and hands-on repairs, enable the best Flex Seal solution on the market.

Badger’s solution address:

  • • OEM “Flex Seal” (leaf seals) failures
  • • Stud failures and flange cracking
  • • Hot gas endangering personnel and sensitive control components
  • Multiple options are available depending on the condition of the unit.

No matter which company performed your installation, Badger's expert team can identify issues before they occur, and help keep your unit on-line to avoid costly outages. It is never too early to inspect the Flex Seal internally, as the leaf seals will continue to wear when cycled.

Our team has combined the experience of 100+ Flex Seal modifications into our ALL-NEW DESIGN; increasing the life of your exhaust components, while eliminating leaks and improving safety.

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