Air Inlet Duct Expansion Joints & Belt Replacement

BADGER’s Air Inlet Duct Expansion Joint & Repair Service reduced future maintenance costs and reduces installation time

air inlet expansion joints and belt replacement

Without a functioning air inlet expansion joint, the vibration from the gas turbine and generator would turn the filter house into a megaphone.  Minimizing vibration-induced noise pollution is the primary function of the air inlet expansion joint, but preventing unfiltered air from entering the turbine inlet vacuum is a key feature that can deteriorate over time.

ADVANTAGES of BADGER's Air Inlet Expansion Joints:

  • Eliminates costly OEM zipper closure
  • Reduced future maintenance costs
  • Enhanced vibration and noise reduction
  • Gas-tight seal against inlet vacuum
  • Belts shipped “closed” with factory splice
  • Factory punched bolt holes to reduce installation time
Air Inlet Expansion Joint Belt Replacement
Badger’s turnkey replacement service includes removal of the existing fabric expansion joint, hardware assemblies, and backing bars.

A new composite fabric expansion joint is installed with PTFE flange gaskets, new hardware assemblies, and the previously removed backing bars.

Choose BADGER for your COMPLETE TURNKEY repairs to lower future maintenance costs.   

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