Metal Penetration Seals for HRSG Boilers

Badger's metal penetration boiler seals are designed to accept axial, lateral, and angular movements lowering the stress on the connecting tubes and pipes

Metal Boiler Penetration Seals

In combined-cycle power generation, optimal operating performance depends on capturing all available heat while reducing emissions. Properly maintaining penetration seals helps decrease energy loss, increases plant safety, and minimizes the risk of a forced outage.

Advantages of Metal Penetration Seals:

  • • 100% gas-tight operation
  • • Accommodates axial, angular, and lateral movements
  • • Stainless and nickel alloys available for corrosion resistance
  • • Low maintenance
  • • External insulation options available

 Metal penetration seals can operate at flow temperatures up to 1400°F and have the longest service life under design conditions. Metal bellows are the #1 choice for premium HRSG manufacturers.

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