Gimbal Expansion Joints

Designed to absorb system pressure thrust and torsional twist while allowing angulation in any plane


This is a single expansion joint designed to permit angular rotation in any plane by the use of two pairs of hinges affixed to a common floating gimbal ring.

Unlike the hinged joint, which can absorb angular rotation in a single plane only, the gimbal joint can absorb angular rotation in any plane.  The ability of the gimbal expansion joint to absorb angular rotation in any plane is most often applied by using two gimbal joints which act together to absorb movement.  Gimbals, like hinges, are designed to transmit the pressure thrust and are used in pairs, or in conjunction with a hinged joint.

This figure illustrates a typical gimbal joint application.  Since pressure loading is absorbed by the gimbal structure, only intermediate anchors are required.  Planar guides are provided to restrict the movement of each piping leg.  As in a hinged joint installation, the location of pipe supports is simplified by the load carrying ability of the gimbal.




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