ASME Code Expansion Joints for Heat Exchangers

New ASME Section Vlll Code expansion joints for heat exchanger OEMs and refurbished existing expansion joints for end users

ASME Code Heat Exchanger Expansion Joints

Heat exchangers offer an optimal cooling solution for refining, marine, and industrial equipment applications. These pressure vessels use thermally conductive materials to allow heat to exchange between the hot fluids flowing outside the tubes and the coolant flowing through the tubes. Among the most efficient heat exchangers, shell and tube types are constructed with a cylindrical shell containing a bundle of tubes.

Expansion joints are installed in heat exchangers to accommodate thermal contraction and expansion. These high-pressure expansion joints, manufactured in accordance with ASME Section VIII, Division 1, requires a special code analysis and a third-party source inspection to ensure they meet the code standard. 

BADGER manufactures ASME Code expansion joints from full vacuum to 2,500 PSIG for operating temperatures up to 1,650°F. The bellows, welded by ASME qualified welders, are typically made with SA and SB material.  The convolutions may be U-shaped or toroidal, depending on design conditions and the size of the bellows. 

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