Onsite Installation & Repairs

Let Badger Industries assist you with any expansion joint repairs as well as on-site services and installation

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Badger Industries welcomes the opportunity to perform on-site service work for our customers. This service can take many forms, from a technical evaluation of a complex piping system to a complete clamshell bellows replacement on a heat exchangers shell.  

Badger On-Site Service for fabric and metal expansion joints include:

  • ·        Inspection
  • ·        Repair
  • ·        Installation
  • ·        Supervision
  • ·        Comprehensive reports

Badger’s experienced project managers provide complimentary inspections to help your team implement best practices for expansion joint installation. Developing and implementing the right maintenance plan in advance reduces outage budgets, and can help avoid costly forced shutdowns.


On-Site Installation & Repairs

Urgent Repairs

Depending upon the urgency, these services can be made available within 24 hours of notification if needed. 

Contact Badger today to discuss your expansion joint needs via email or phone: (859) 468 1854  or    Click here to send an email request 

Our Quality Work

Field Service can include welding of the most exacting nature, involving the joining of bellows and piping materials which would normally only be welded in our shop facilities.  

Badger Industries maintains code welding certification in compliance with ASME B & PV Section IX, and can fabricate to ASME Section VIII Division 1, inspect to Section V, and has ASME U and R stamps certified through periodic audits by our authorized inspection agency, the HSB Global Standards & Code Services.

Due to the involved cost considerations, We prefer to make repairs within our own shop facilities but should a situation arise where a product must be repaired in the field, our highly trained technicians are eager to apply their skills at a customer’s location. 

Appraisal of a customer’s facility piping system can be provided on an annual schedule.  

Periodic inspection and recording of the system’s thermal responses can develop a very useful information base to better apply expansion joints.

Our Trained Technicians

We have performed many shell and tube heat exchanger bellows replacements at customer’s facilities, some of which were hampered by adverse weather conditions. 

Temporary sheltering was necessary to protect both the heat exchanger internal components and the personnel performing the repairs. 

Had water and other air born contaminants entered the sensitive heat exchanger opening, the consequences would have been very costly. 

Why not use Badger Industries, a company with decades of experience in the expansion joint market, for your next Field Service application?