With over 170 years of engineering excellence, YOU can depend on Badger Industries for a quality product that stands the test of time!

Warranties: All express or implied warranties of Badger Industries (including warranties or merchantability and fitness) are hereby excluded except as follows:

Badger Industries warrants only that it will replace any items sold hereunder that prove to contain manufacturing defects or defective material within two (2) years after the date of shipment or one (1) year after date of installation, whichever occurs first, of said items to the Buyer, provided (a) Buyer gives Badger Industries prompt written notice of any such defect, (b) the items have been installed and/or operated as recommended by Badger Industries and in accordance with recognized engineering and piping practices, and (c) the items have not been subjected to corrosive or abrasive operating conditions deemed to be inappropriate or improper under recognized engineering and piping practices.

Badger Industries reserves the right to examine and repair or replace the product in question on location or in Badger Industries; facilities. Buyer must notify Badger Industries of the complaint prior to the transport of the product and prior to the beginning of any repair work. If the examined product is found not to be defective, or not within warranty coverage, Badger Industries will invoice Buyer for services and materials rendered affecting the repair.

Correction of defects through repair or replacement shall comprise Badger Industries entire responsibility to the Buyer under this warranty. Badger Industries shall not be liable for injuries to persons or property or direct, incidental, liquidated or consequential damages caused by the use of the product.