Badger Industries’ News

Coronavirus Updates

3/27/20 2:54 PM - Butler County has been added to the "Stay-at-Home" order by Gov. Wolf.  This will not change our working hours.

3/22/20 12:56 PM - We are open for business starting with our midnight crew tonight.  An email will be sent with the details.  

3/20/20 1:04 PM - We are still shut down.  We continue to attempt to have Badger reopened on Monday.  Expect another update by Sunday at 3:00 PM.

3/20/20 8:00 AM - We are shut down.  Employees should no longer report to work.  As more information becomes available this site will be updated and emails will be sent.

3/19/20 - 6:48 PM - Gov. Wolf orders ‘non-life-sustaining’ businesses to close physical locations to halt coronavirus spread.  There are many classifications and it is unclear at this time what classification we are under.  At this point in time, we will be open for business tonight and tomorrow.  If we get better clarification on our classification, this site will be updated.  Employees will receive an email about this update and another email once our classification is determined.

3/18/20 - 9:01 PM - No changes in business operating conditions.

3/17/20 - 9:25 PM - No changes in business operating conditions.

3/16/20 - 8:55 PM - No changes in business operating conditions from the meetings held earlier today.  A test email will be sent tonight to confirm that we have an appropriate email address for each employee.

3/16/20 - 9:39 AM - Business as usual with a few exceptions - meetings were held with all present employees.