Fabric Expansion Joint

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Badger Industries has been a leader in metal expansion joint technology for over 80 years.  With the addition of a fabric expansion joint line in 1992, we are now able to offer an alternative product that is more suitable for applications involving large cross-sectional ducting.

Fabric expansion joints utilize the highest quality materials to ensure utmost reliability.  Combined with careful attention to system requirements and the capability to meet a multitude of possible applications, our fabric joints have quickly earned a reputation for quality equal to that of our renowned metal expansion joint line.  A critical element in the design of fabric expansion joints is a thorough examination of the system operating parameters.  Only after the full scope of a particular application is known is it possible to design an expansion joint that will provide many years of reliable service.  The information contained in this section covers the basics of fabric expansion joints and illustrates the various options available.  Because of the nearly infinite number of possible configurations, it is not desirable to apply a “cook book” approach to fabric expansion joint design.